About Us

Nowadays, I believe when you scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed, there are plenty of food post by more established pages. They often show all the newest and trendiest restaurants in Malaysia. In their videos, they usually showcase how Instagrammable the food is, how it is being prepared and the interior of the place. But actual fact, all those post you see are all sponsored post where they are being paid to say good things about the restaurant and nothing negative about the place. It is disappointing when the actual taste of the food doesn’t match what they had described in their sponsored post.

MFOODHUNTER is a page handled by a couple Penangites who are passionate about food. All of our food post are NOT SPONSORED. Our reviews are based on our honest opinions and not sugar coated in any sense. As you know Penang is famous for having really good food which means we are more picky with our food. We will introduce mostly food around Malaysia, Thailand or some countries that we happen to visit. To be part of MFOODHUNTER’s Admin, you will need to have the knowledge of food and cooking skills in order to criticise or recommend people Good Food. Our admins have some knowledge on cooking ,baking ,bartending and wide knowledge about food. We do know it is not easy to do Food & Beverage Business , we will recommend you some of their best dishes and tell you what to order .If your food is below standard ,we will try to give the shop owners some recommendations but we wouldn’t recommend people or promote their place.
Moreover, MFOODHUNTER is not our primary job, sometimes we might be too busy to upload new video or posts but usually we will post around 2 posts per week.