How R You serves traditional homemade chinese desserts, located at Raja Uda,Penang (opposite Simpah Kuan Im Teng Temple). Their desserts taste really good and most of them are not too sweet which is suitable for those who are concern about their sugar intake. If you prefer your desserts to be more sweet , you can request it from them. There are wide selections of the desserts that you can choose from the menu and there are seasonal desserts that are only available sometimes. Besides, the price of the desserts are quite reasonable which cost an average of RM 4 to RM 6.50.

We have ordered 4 different types of desserts such as Black Sesame , Sea Coconut Ai Yu Bin,Tau Hua with Glutinous Ball and Muachi.

Sea Coconut Ai Yu Bin



This is definitely one of the thirst quenching desserts that will cool you down under a hot day .The taste of sweet and sourish makes it a refreshing dessert.

Black Sesame


RM8.50(with glutinous ball)

This is one of our Top Pick Desserts. Their Homemade Black Sesame was so good that you can taste the bitter astringency and only a mild nuttiness which is very mellow.Besides, there are a lot of health benefits for eating Black Sesame such as prevent grey hairs and anti ageing.

P.S: it might not be to your liking if you prefer your black sesame to be sweet but you can ask them to add more sugar.




If you order their Muachi , they will teach you how to grind the sesame and add it into the Muachi. Their Muachi’s texture is fluffy, soft and very chewy when you bite it.

Tau Hua with Glutinous Balls



Their homemade bean curd (tau fu fah) is served warm with some brown sugar syrup. The bean curd is very soft and taste wonderful when paired when some mini chewy glutinous balls (tang yuan)

There is a huge parking lots at the Kuan Im Teng Temple and try to be there around 7.30pm to avoid the crowd.

Address: 9, Lorong Perniagaan Melur, Jalan Raja Uda, 12000, Butterworth, Penang.

Hours: 5.00pm to 10.30 pm (Weekdays)

3.30pm to 10.30 pm (Weekends)

Closed on Wednesday

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