Luka Bangkok

Retro Style Cafe

Luka is a retro designed café, bar and also a furniture shop which is located at Sathorn, Bangkok.Nearest BTS station would be Surasak.

Sathorn is a major commercial district with skyscrappers, offices and upscale condos. Luka, a neighbourhood cafe attracts many of the people staying around the area or those working nearby.

Luka serves the kind of breakfast that you would jump out of bed for, or reward yourself after a productive day of work.

Luka serves some fancy brunch, coffee, desserts and also cocktails making it the perfect place for people to meet up because the environment is very comfortable and quiet. Besides, it’s also an instagrammable place because of the neon lighting and the vintage decorations which will definitely help you get a lot of likes.

However, if you would like to avoid the queue, I would recommend you to come as early as possible. Well even if there is a queue, you can always have sit on the sofa provided while browsing at their furniture or accessories up for sale.

We visited the café twice but we haven’t had the chance to try their food. Hence, we cannot comment on that. However, we did try their desserts and coffee. Here are some of the things we ordered.

Affogato 1.0
Affogato 2.0

Affogato 2.0 is one of our favourite desserts. It was so good that we feel like trying their Affogato 1.0 during our second visit. The combination of big chunky brownies , ice cream and espresso makes every mouthful of the Affogato taste absolutely satisfying. The sweetness from the brownies and the creaminess of the vanilla ice cream compliments the bitterness of the espresso shot. It’s that good that it will make you feel like oredering another one.

We did order their Matcha Green tea latte too. The fragrance of the matcha latte was nice but it was a bit too sweet for our liking.

Price wise, it is a bit on the higher side but the quality of their desserts and drinks and ambience of the place do make it up for it.
They are open from 9a.m to 6p.m every day.

Address: 64/3 Thanon Pan, Silom, Bangrak, 10500 Bangkok.


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